I am happy to announce that my newest publication has just been released.

“Treasure Trove of Poems” – Volume 1   (from the Overcoming Obstacles Series)

I’m blessed and honored to bring you God’s word in poetry form. All of these poems were written from Him. My hand was just a vessel that He decided to use as I continued my journey of seeking Him in all that I do. I never would have believed that I could be a writer and it just goes to show that no matter what we face; God gives us skills that we never knew existed.

Over 200 Poems written just for you
God is reaching out to wipe away your blues
With every problem, you’ll begin to see the cure
For God’s love is everlasting and will endure.

As our world continues to see chaos, He is stretching His hand for us all who will seek.  He’s asking us to trust and believe in His words that are filled with such incredible love.

We need to be the beacon of hope and light during these difficult times. He’s reaching out through these poems to help us let go of the past and see His truth in wonderfully new ways; giving us the opportunity to overcome the trials that we face while allowing God to give us the rest that we need.

No matter what we face; God gives us the skills and understanding that will catapult us to new levels. His timing is perfect and He will begin to show you the amazing future He has in store for you. Let go and be free; because, your best days are just ahead! God Bless!

Now available for all Kindle downloads.  Click link to review:  Treasure Trove of Poems – Vol. 1