About Phyliss

Expect the Unexpected!

Through the deepest pits of my life, I cried out to God for help. As I began to search the REAL TRUTH in HIS WORD, He started to change my life’s direction. He began ever so slowly.  Yet, through it all, I was building my faith and trust in Him, like never before.

When God lead me to become an ordained minister and write my first book, “From Pure Chaos to Perfect Peace”, I thought I had lost my mind. Me, a minister and an author…are you kidding?

What was even crazier is the timing. I had just lost everything in the financial crash and moved in with my elderly parents. Then my precious mom was diagnosed with cancer and the hardest six year battle of our lives was upon us. Then my first grandson, Christopher died within minutes of coming into this world. And if that wasn’t enough, my father suffered a heart attack and two strokes.

Talk about being punched while you’re down. I was beyond stressed, anxiety-filled, heart broken, depressed and everything in between. These were the hardest days of my life and I felt completely alone. None of my friends stuck around. It was truly a battle to get out of bed everyday!

But what God revealed to me is that no matter what we face in life, He knows exactly the plan He has for us, the lessons that need to be learned, and how best to share our experiences with others.

This website was created specifically to help others overcome difficult situations. Providing the tools necessary to battle the emotional turmoil that we all face during the course of our lives.

By allowing Him to take charge, my life has been an amazing transformation.  So, I hope that you will allow Him to guide you as well.  For if you do, the journey will be more than you could ever imagine.