Special Edition – America’s Crossroad

Never have we seen such a divided America.  People are being pinned against each other.  The Presidential election is full of lies and deceit, all for the sake of being elected.  Never has the media been so biased.  I never thought revelations would become so apparent in my lifetime.

America is at a significant crossroad, my friends.  Over the past four years, we have seen our home values diminish, our government grow to an enormous size and being told what our children can eat in school.  We have also seen parent’s rights taken away from them by our government allowing children to obtain condoms, birth control and the morning after pill without any parent’s approval.  It is becoming a free-for-all.

This 2012 Presidential election is a pivotal mark in time.  In Revelations, we are told that in the end days, a One World Government will come into existence.  Look around, do you not see the makings of this type of government.  The Feds are printing money like no tomorrow, devaluing our dollar quickly.  You see our Government retreating and apologizing to other nations.  Our military is being demoralized and placed in very difficult spots.  Millions of Americans out of work and twice as many on welfare.

No matter what person, running for office, you “like”; it is time to seek God’s guidance for America.  The choice is very distinctive:  one candidate believes in wealth distribution (which is a form of socialism, just look at Greece and Spain) and one candidate believes in our Founding Fathers (one nation under God). The path is apparent and quite distinctive.

This is a call to all who believe in God Almighty.  No matter what denomination, no matter what creed…it is time for us to STAND!  We are at a major crossroad and you must decide what type of America you wish to see.  Seek God’s guidance!  Pray for our Nation!

We all have a duty and right to vote.  In America, we have a democracy where we can determine the outcome and path for our way of life and the choice has never been so prevalent as it is today.  Will you choose America, the Land of Big Government or America, the Land of Opportunity?  Our vote counts like never before and your voice needs to be heard!