Prayer Call – Prescott Elite

Prescott HotShot EliteThe Prescott “HotShot” Firefighters were an amazing crew. Passionately doing what they loved to do in order to save lives, everyday.  In a moment’s notice, they were called upon to risk their lives.  In their selfless act of courage, these incredible, dedicated men gave their all for their families, friends, and community.

These were the ELITE and the Best of the Best!  Not only did the Prescott community lose some of the greatest men to ever live; but, we, as a State and Nation, lost them too.

Training for every possible outcome, physically, mentally, and emotionally; this amazing group put themselves in harm’s way year round.  The number of lives and acreage saved is beyond measure.  This is an incredible tragedy that touched us all.  You will missed and never forgotten.

19 beautiful angels are now sitting in Heaven, with 

a salute, saying, “We gave it our all”.

Please join me in praying for their families, the sole survivor, and for those who are still fighting the out-of-control fire in the Yarnell area.  It is because of their bravery, many have been saved.

We mourn the loss and love all of our brave brothers and sisters, who put their lives on the line, every single day.  May God watch over you all!