Continuous Journey

Thank youAs you began to step out, the path was difficult.  Unsure of where it was leading or if you were making a difference.  When you take time to reflect on where you used to be to where you are now; can you see the changes that have occurred since you began your journey with Christ?

Some changes are subtle.  Some much larger.  When you first started your journey, how did you act?  Were you rebellious?  A partier? A worry wart?  Obnoxious?  Self indulgent?  Chasing money and status?  Living promiscuously?

Living the world’s way always looked like fun.  People wanted to hang out with you because you were the life of the party.  Friends gathered to drink the night away. But what happened when you became a follower of Christ?  Did everything change?  Did people drop out of your life because they didn’t understand?  Did people look at you differently?

As you continue your journey, don’t fret what you might have lost.  Don’t worry about how people judge you from your past.  You are a new creation in Christ; worthy of His righteousness, glory, and honor. (2 Cor. 5:17)  Individuals that belong in your life will remain while others need to be let go.  What we need to realize is that unless they have an encounter with Christ themselves, they will not understand what you have experienced.  They will not understand how you can be peaceful, content, and forgiving; while they still struggle with past issues.

There are so many wonderful things to learn along the way.  It is a continuous journey that changes you from deep within until it starts to overflow into other people’s lives.  Embrace the changes.  Be empowered to be different.  For those who knew you back then, may eventually notice the difference.  And, who knows…they may come to Christ after seeing the tremendous things God does in your life.

Enjoy the Journey

I pray that the Holy Spirit continuously changes you; becoming deeply rooted in Christ.  There is nothing better than His love that exudes from the pores of your body. Being changed by His mighty hands is more powerful than anything the “world” holds.

So embrace your truth and your incredible purpose; for God has an amazing journey made specifically for you.  Be bold, brave, and beautiful for your life’s journey with Christ will be the greatest encounter of love you could ever imagine. Your past doesn’t define you, God does!