No Coincidence


Last week I wrote about experiencing God’s amazing healing power first hand.  Well, I need to expand on it a bit as He showed me even more clarification than expected.

When God led me to purchase the products, I missed something He was showing me in black and white. Looking at the receipt, the total was $14.40. Now most people wouldn’t think much about it. However, when you trust and believe in God and God alone, He starts showing you things you’ve never seen before.

How many years did the Israelites wander in the wilderness? How many days was Jesus tempted by the devil? How many days was Moses on the Mount receiving God’s law? How many days did the spies investigate the Promised Land? The answer to all of these and more…40.

So, what about the number 14? Well in the Bible, the number 7 means “Perfection”, “Wholeness”, “Fullness”, “Completion”. Well, what do you get when you double that number…14. Giving us significant meaning of “DOUBLE PERFECTION”, “DOUBLE PORTION”, “DOUBLE RESTORATION”, “DOUBLE HEALING”, and so on.

God was showing me that we are all coming out of our wilderness. God is about to release so much into our lives that every chain is going to break. Every addiction is going to diminish. Whatever the devil has stolen from you is about to come back better than before.  If you need healing…you will receive double for your trouble. If you need finances…you will receive more than enough. If you need a new job…you will receive a hefty raise and promotion. Instead of hurt…you will have joy. Instead of struggling…you will have more than enough to spare and share. Instead of pain…you will rejoice. Instead of lack…your cup will overflow.

So whatever you do, put Him first and watch His amazing blessings come rushing in! 2014, is going to be the year of God’s unprecedented favor upon our lives.  We are about to have the absolute best year ever! His power is about to be unleashed! This year’s harvest is going to surpass anything you could ever imagine! Believe it…Receive it…and Praise His Holy Name! For you are about to walk into your Promised Land!

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