Reaching Out To You

Blessed DayThis week, I would like to reach out to you, the readers. I am very humbled by the sheer magnitude that this website is reaching. God has been doing some miraculous works, as more countries are viewing the website each and every week.

I would like to hear from you.

Are there any specific topics you need discussed? Do you need prayer for an area of your life? Has God done something incredible for you? Whatever the case may be, God is reaching out to each and every one of you and I would like to help.

So, if you have a specific topic request, a prayer need, or a personal testimony…Send me an email either through the contact box on the right hand side of the website or directly at: I will personally respond to each and every one.

We are all in this fantastic journey together.  Write to me and let me stand with you. We serve a HUGE GOD who has some amazing plans for your life and I’m thrilled to be a part of it! Have a very Blessed Day!

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