Oh, how we all work so hard. Life has a way of throwing us so many curve balls and usually it’s all at once. It tends to make us stressed, confused, and concerned; not knowing which way to go first.

But today, I’m asking you to stop for a moment and take a breather.

If our Loving Father can create Earth and everything that goes along with it, in 6 days, why do we think that all the problems we face are too hard for Him? We have the tendency to think we are all alone. We all strive to work hard and then when things come against us, we work even harder. Most of us find our days getting longer and longer. Feeling like there’s just not enough time to get everything done.

What we all need to do is realize that we are not alone. God is waiting for us to give it all to him. He knows every single thing that is going on in our lives. He knows how stressed we are. He knows what will bring us happiness. He knows what plan He has for each of us. He knows how to complete everything on our “to do” lists. He knows everything there is to know. He is simply waiting for us to surrender it all to Him. Not just a small piece of it or just the huge problems. He wants us to surrender everything to Him; things as small as pimples to the over-the-top, overwhelming issues that have us bogged down.

Jesus died on the cross to give us the peace, love, joy, wisdom, understanding, miracles, and everything else Heaven has to offer. God gave us His absolute best. JESUS! And through Jesus…everything we need, everything we seek, and all the knowledge and wisdom, comes from our Heavenly Father.

So no matter what you are facing today, God has the answer. All you need to do is ask. Ask Him to take the pressures from you. Ask Him to release His peace. Ask Him to guide you to His answers. Ask Him for the healing you need. Ask Him to help you get everything accomplished. Let it all go this instant and rest at Jesus’ feet.

As a child of the Most High God…He promises you that He’ll take care of all your needs. He promises that He’ll never leave nor forsake you. He promises to guide you. God can not lie! So, quit trying to do it all on your own. Release it to Him and let God be God in your life.


 You Are God's Child