Supernatural Debt Cancellation

Debt1Does debt hold you down, stress you out, and make you feel overwhelmed? Well, you’re not alone. There are so many of us who struggle with debt; especially after the holidays. It just seems like a never-ending battle. You try so hard to either work extra hours, stay on a budget, work an extra job, go without; and yet, nothing seems to budge.

Well guess what…there is AWESOME NEWS TODAY! God wants to help. I know…you are probably sitting there asking why in the world would God be interested in my debt? Here’s why…when we are in debt, struggling to make ends meet, and feeling stressed; we are unable to hear from God or help anyone that He has come across our path. Everything begins to block Him or His word from us. See, God doesn’t want us stressed. He doesn’t want us struggling. He doesn’t want us overwhelmed. Even if it’s a result from our own foolishness, He wants to help each and every one of us. AND YES…that includes your debt.

Think about when Elisha’s prophets were cutting down the trees near Jordan to build a larger meeting place. As one of them was chopping, the iron ax head fell off into the water and he cried, “Master! It was borrowed.” He was heartbroken because he had borrowed the ax and was now in debt to the person he borrowed it from. He now owed that person a new ax. Elisha went over to the water and threw a stick into the spot where the ax head fell. Miraculously, the iron ax head floated to the top of the water where the prophet could pick it up. That shouldn’t have happened. Iron is heavier than water. (2 Kings 6:5-6)

It was a supernatural cancellation of debt. Glory be to God! See, when Jesus went to the cross…He cancelled our debt of sin. With that debt gone, we can freely receive all that God has in store for us. He wants us completely whole and well. So because of Jesus, we can have our debts supernaturally cancelled.

Debt CancellationAre you thinking it can’t happen for you? Well…DON’T. All things are possible for those who believe. He can and He will! God is much bigger than we could ever think or imagine. There is absolutely nothing too big or too hard for Him. If He can create the universe, create you, and everything in between…don’t you think He could do something incredibly awesome for you?

So, let’s all start 2015 out right…

Begin by casting your cares upon the Lord and ask Him for his help. Ask Him to take over every area of your life. Then begin to watch Him do the most amazing, supernatural wonders in your life starting today! He can easily give you the wisdom and the means to clear every debt where you can begin to freely receive and freely give! He wants all of us to be CHEERFUL GIVERS! How can you do that if you have debt hanging over your head? So, why not ask for His help today! 2015 can quickly become the most AMAZING YEAR you’ve ever had!

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