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sadnessHow many of us feel like the picture to the left? Depressed, sad, alone, frustrated, stressed, worried or even all of the above. It is so easy to allow our feelings to get the best of us. Sometimes things come at us so quickly that we don’t have enough time to take a breath.

That’s when it’s imperative that you stop and take a moment to assess what’s happening. Satan knows that his time is running out. And for believers, we have a difficult and rough road ahead. Satan is going to throw everything he can in order to get us off track. Satan loves to bring persecution, trouble, trials, and opposition into our lives. As a believer, God told us that we would have trouble just like Jesus did. However, we are also told that we are to put on the full armor of God!

The Bible is like a treasure chest filled with promises, hope, love, guidance, truth, direction and peace. One of the best quotes from the Bible is:

Every Scripture is God-breathed and profitable…(2 Timothy 3:16)

Armed with such a statement from God, you can confidently know that everything you read in the Bible is true. When you open the treasures of the Bible, God, Himself tells us that whatever He starts…He’ll finish. We are also told that we’ll never be alone, we are healed by His stripes, Jesus is closer to us than a brother, that He gives us the power to get wealth and of course the list just goes on and on.

We need to be armed with God’s Word like never before. If we are going to win our race, we need to open our Bibles today and fill ourselves with His word. God will make sure to give you the revelation and direction you need in order to make it through your trial, but we must be willing to spend the time to really get to know Him. Not an “on-the-surface” kind of knowing Him but a deep-rooted realtionship that even when the whirlwinds are swirling around us we remain rooted in His truth.

God is good and there is absolutely nothing…and I do mean nothing…that is too hard for Him to handle. Fill yourself with His word. Get to know Him. Ask Him to have a real relationship with you. Because when you do, I can promise that absolutely nothing can stand in your way. You are victorious in Christ. It is because of Him and His amazing Grace that you will be more than a conqueror through Christ.

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