Give Up Perfectionism

perfect-erasersWhether you are an employee who wishes to do a good job for your employer, a housewife who takes care of the kids and household, or a student who tries to study really hard for those good grades…everyone wants to be loved and do a good job. They want to be recognized for their hard work and dedication. There’s nothing wrong with striving to do a good job BUT what happens when all that striving bogs you down and you end up making mistakes?

That’s when you can become guilt-ridden, frustrated and upset…which just increases stress and worry. Then the stress and worry can become illness which in turn begins a cycle of defeat. And on and on and on.

It is so important to realize that none of us are perfect! Everyone has things about themselves that they would like to change. Nobody has it all together, no matter how hard they try. If you constantly strive for perfection, you will end up worse off than if you would had just taken a step back, breathe and then move forward. We all want to do the best job we can, in all situations. However, the stress and worry that’s caused by perfectionism is not healthy and will create such confusion in your life, you’ll begin a downward spiral that is quite difficult to overcome.

“But God is not a God of confusion but of peace.” (1 Corinthians 14:33)


Stop beating yourself up! Stop holding onto your mistakes or failures AND…Let it go. You can not control what happens from those mistakes. However, you can release the mistakes, apologize for the mistakes and let the spirit who lives within you control the outcome. God has given us a fresh start everyday and he still has an amazing plan for your life. Don’t miss out on His goodness because you keep trying to control everything by being perfect. Perfection fails but God does not.

“And great crowds came to him, bringing with them the lame, the blind, the crippled, the mute, and many others, and they put them at his feet, and he healed them all.” (Matthew 15:30) 

So today, let go of your failures and pain. Let go of your stress and worry. Let go of your burdens. Lay it all at Jesus’ feet and rest in the one and only perfection…Jesus! He loves you right now. He wants to heal you so you can experience the abundant life He has in store for you. Let it all go and see the amazing things He will do!

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