Round and Round

going-around-incirclesHave you ever felt like you are going in circles? Ever feel like no matter what you do, things aren’t changing? Ever feel like you were stuck in a rut with no way out?

All of us feel like this at times. Lately, it appears to be happening more than normal. During these times, it is easy to feel like life will never change. It’s easy to feel like life isn’t fair. It’s easy to feel frustrated, give up or to begin coveting your neighbor and what they have.

You were destined for great things. God has a purpose for everything you are going through. Not one small, tiny aspect misses the mark. When we are at our lowest points in life, God is there. He already has a way when we don’t. You may have been going through hell and back, struggling everyday just to get your head off your pillow in the morning or you may be asking what is the point of it all or why are all of these things keep happening to you.

I will restore

When you are faced with difficult situations or obstacles, it’s important not to lean on your own understanding or your own power or strength. When things are spiraling out of control and nothing you do seems to be making a difference, you need to become determined in the Holy Spirit. It won’t be by your own effort but by the Holy Spirit’s effort. The Holy Spirit is your helper, your guide so you need to lean on Him and Him alone. (Zechariah 4:6)

In the midst of your pain, suffering, and chaos; don’t despise the small things. When we despise little beginnings, we end up taking them lightly or disregard their importance.

When we are believing God for something “big” or some major changes in our life, we need to remember that great things start small and appreciate the days of small beginnings. (Zechariah 4:10) See, if we can recognize that we are in a battle and the small things are stepping stones of God’s greater things to come, than we can stand our ground and wait for the Lord to make things turn around in our favor.

Don’t miss out in God’s abundant life of peace, love, joy and victory while you’re going through some difficult stuff. God gave us power, love and a sound mind. It doesn’t matter what we see, it’s who we belong to that makes all the difference in the world. Don’t give up hope because your hope is in the Lord and He will make things turn out for your good. Don’t give into fear because perfect love casts out all fear.


Feed yourself with scripture daily and watch God’s truth come alive. Watch peace, love, joy and strength break through while your spirit is being fed. God has good things in store for you. Stop going in circles and stand strong in the face of your fear, doubt or worry. God will see you through it all and when His timing is perfect…your life will skyrocket in the most profound way. He promises joy for your tears. He promises health, love, and happiness. All things will work out for your good. So dig your heels in and appreciate your small beginnings. For those small beginnings will turn into your best days that are just around the corner.

God is your source, your provider, your healer, your helper, your everything! Stand strong and watch things turn around just when all hope seems to be lost. We serve an Almighty God that won’t let you down, he promises to restore all things to you.



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