Your “Ah Ha” Moment Awaits

Ah HA Moment3Have you ever experienced an “Ah Ha” moment? An “Ah Ha” moment is one of those times where you have been praying hard, asking God for help, standing on His word and it simply doesn’t seem like anything is moving in your direction. But then, out of the blue, you receive a revelation or a direction that you’ve never had before. One of those “Ah Ha” moments that you have no idea where it came from but you know that you know it is an answer to what you’ve been seeking.

My mom has been battling Stage 4 Colon Cancer over the past 4 years. One doctor’s appointment can easily turn into 3 or more. We have had days where one appointment has turned into an all day affair only to end up sitting in a hospital being told that you will be staying for an unexpected extended visit. It has been an exhausting process that anyone with this debilitating disease or any disease like it can relate. The tears, the sad news, the awful results and in our case, the staring at not one but two death notices. It has been a living nightmare, not only to my mom who has had to constantly depend on God’s strength just to get up each morning, but to all of us who love her so deeply yet there’s nothing we can do to help…BUT PRAY!!!!

I have heard so many people say “well, all we can do is pray”. Well guess what…praying is and should always be the first line of defense. God created each one of us, unique in His own image. He knows our bodies, our families, our wants, our needs and knows exactly the how, when and where to provide His help. Even through our hardest times, my mom and I continuously pray, thank and praise the Lord because He has already miraculously pulled her from death on two separate occasions.

During this morning’s prayer time, I found myself begging God for His help with tears streaming down my face; not just for mom’s healing but in numerous areas for my family. Now I normally don’t find myself begging or tearing up, but this morning was very different. I encountered an “Ah Ha” moment.

Over the course of the past few months, my mom and I would be “moved” to take communion unexpectedly. Nothing regularly, just God saying to us “do it, right now” and we would faithfully partake. It never failed to help whatever we were about to encounter unexpectedly. However, even though I know I should take communion every day…it hasn’t become something practiced regularly. Yet this morning was quite different. Unexpectedly I knew that I knew…God wanted us to start taking communion every day. It was an “Ah Ha” moment that said if we walk out in faith and listen, He promises to move mightily.

The purpose of this writing is that God overwhelmingly wanted you to know that when we are willing to take a step of faith (listening with our hearts and not our heads); whether it’s taking communion, spending more time with God quietly, tithing to a worthy cause, helping our neighbor with a project or anything else you are “moved” to do; God is seeking to move mightily and unexpected in your life. The “Ah Ha” moment comes when you least expect it, in the craziest of ways and with a peace that is so profound that it can only be from God!Ah Ha Moment2

Let today be your reminder to stop, drop and listen to whatever God is “moving” you to do. It doesn’t have to be a big deal. It doesn’t have to break the bank. It doesn’t have to be a world-changing event…but whatever He is “moving” you to do, you can bet your bottom dollar that it holds the answer you seek!

God knows what you’re going through and He has the answer! Pray up, Listen Up and then Be Still! For His answer will move you unexpectedly and your life will never be the same!





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