Be A Comeback Kid

DefeatEver see the movie Rocky? Rocky Balboa was a kid from the wrong side of the tracks who didn’t have much. All he knew was that he was to be a fighter. Throughout the movie, Rocky would get knocked down, bruised and busted…only to keep getting up to win the fight. He found the love of his life, Adrian. They went through so many disappointments, heartaches, pain and suffering; you wondered how in the world they kept going. Their determination, strength, and love always shined through their difficulties.

Does that sound like your life? Can you relate to that movie? I sure can. My life has been so full of disappointments, heartache, pain and suffering that I look back and wonder…how in the world did I ever keep going.

Today is the day for a declaration! Today is the day that it’s time to stop looking back and to begin looking forward!

It doesn’t matter what has happened to us in the past nor does it matter what we are going through today. What truly matters is that we FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH! (2 Timothy 4:7) Every single time you get knocked down, use it to your advantage. While you’re knocked down, get on your knees and pray. Every single time you feel lost and the pain is so intense, get on your knees and pray.

We have an incredible God who loves us. He never wanted us to go through the difficulties we’ve endured. He never wanted to see us in pain. He never wanted to see us experience heartaches. No…we have an enemy who rules this world right now and wants to kick us down so much that we simply don’t get up. Satan wants to sway you away from God. He wants you to make mistakes that have terrible consequences. He wants you to fail. He wants to keep you knocked out.

Well today we are taking a stand! NO MORE! Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly. (John 10:10) He is our source. He is all powerful. He is all love. He is our provider. He is our healer. He is more than enough to handle any battle that rages against us.


So let’s shout out together…

GET BEHIND ME SATAN BECAUSE I WON’T TAKE ANYMORE! I CHOOSE JESUS AND ALL THAT HE STANDS FOR! He is my answer! He is my strength! And my best days are ahead of me. For God so loved the world, He gave us His only son! Jesus is my brother and I need no other!

So stand up and be counted as a COMEBACK KID!

For there is nothing, and I do mean nothing, that God won’t do for His children!


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