Explosive August Encouraging Word

Just like you…I have been beaten, bruised and trampled upon. Every time I stepped out in faith, I hit brick wall after brick wall; not able to make any headway. To say the least, the wilderness season has been difficult, challenging and filled with many tears; all while trying to hold onto my faith.

Last night (7/31/19) I couldn’t sleep. At 11:45pm, I sat up because I was tired of turning over and flopping all around. All of a sudden, I felt a major shift in the atmosphere. All the heaviness quickly lifted. I immediately started praising the Lord for His mighty hand and slowly drifted into a peaceful sleep.

This evening, JoLynne Whittaker’s worship and teaching was live. I hopped on to listen and boy ol’ boy I was jumping for joy, while happy tears flowed down my face. There’s not a shadow of doubt the Lord is moving mightily and we are coming into our amazing, supernatural positions. Shove all the doubt aside and get ready to be moved beyond words.

Below you will find this evening’s teaching. May it fill you with joy, anticipation, encouragement and high praise for our Heavenly Father. August is going to be absolutely amazing and my Holy Spirit leaped for joy continuously. Look up for things are changing into your favor!

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