You Are Chosen

Have you gone through the wilderness? Have you gone through the fire? Have you lost so much that things look hopeless? Have you been asking “Why God Why”? “When God When”?

Then I have a tremendous video for you today. God says enough! You went through hell and back because you are a chosen generation. You will see God’s power, His strength, His love, His healing and His provisions come to pass in your life. You will be a walking testimony of God’s mighty hand. As the world looks at what’s going on in the world and are dismayed, you look up and see God’s incredible mighty hand working in your life.

Today is your day. Watch this powerful word from Brother Eli at Prophetic Drive Time. Let your soul leap for joy while letting this incredible NOW word seep deep within your heart.

Your new beginnings have arrived. Rejoice in the Lord and see His goodness!

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