Crazy Times

Looking at what’s happening around us can easily make people afraid. People are feeling sad, alone, afraid and just not sure what to expect next.

What we really need to know and understand is that God is not done with us yet. We have a harvest to bring in. Souls to win. It’s during these difficult times that we must dig our heels in and believe God is with us. Whether you find yourself alone in the natural, know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the angelic armies are surrounding you in protection, love, and guidance. You have a purpose to fulfill and God will see it to completion. Don’t give up – Hold on! You are not alone.

To get a better grasp of what’s happening, why things are shaking so badly and how to keep yourself centered in Christ through it all, I’m linking an amazing NOW word from Brother Eli that I ask everyone to listen to. It will bring you peace that surpasses all understanding and you will know you are not alone. We all have been targeted, silenced and have been taking many enemy darts. But together – WE STAND! We will prevail because God Wins!!!

Listen now and be filled with God’s word. For HIS word does not return void. The good news of the day…GOD IS NOT DONE WITH US YET!!!

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