Special Edition – America the Great

Our Founding Fathers wrote the documents into place
So America the Great could keep running the race
Our Government has become corrupt and full of lies
Thank you Fox News for opening closed eyes.

For the economy, families losing their jobs
With all the bailouts going to your corporate globs
The economy is not better for all to see
We don’t live in a bubble nor do we believe.

We are not gullible or naive in any way
Just because you say it, we simply won’t be swayed
Our Creator always guides us and helps us to see
America is the light and we are to be free.

Libya unfolded in a blink of an eye
Why O’ Why Government are you telling all these lies
It doesn’t make sense for anyone, you see
Because we aren’t as stupid as you wanted to believe.

Our government wished they could have had their way
Where the mass media never asked or attempted to sway
We used to call them reporters that covered the news
Now they’re scared and frightened, and full of the blues.

We are all made equal, doesn’t matter the creed
We were not to be a people full of lust and greed
Never thought I’d hear so much on whom to blame
Pointing all the fingers just to play a silly game.

I am grateful for Fox News and possibly CNN
Because of their reporting, we ‘ll know the truth in the end
America the Great was always to be the light
We must take our stand and never leave the fight
For Israel and our allies, deserve so much more
They should know where we stand, forevermore.

America the Great is the home of the Brave
Never to stop until we see our flag wave
America is home for all to be free
Thanks to our soldiers that never flee.

We are the land of great liberty
Socialism has no right in our reality
So stand up America and show how to be
The rest of the world is waiting to see.

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