Restoration is Coming

Something new bornWhat have you lost during the course of your life?  Maybe you lost your job, business, home, car, finances or maybe you lost your health, family members, friends, relationships or even dreams.  And, you might even have the mindset that it will never get better.  Well… SHAKE IT OFF because I have great news for you today!


When we hold onto the restoration mentality, we allow God to restore all things that were lost in the past.  See, God wants the absolute best for every one of us and He knows exactly how to accomplish it. The best part about it is that you come out stronger, wiser, promoted, healthier and better off than ever before.

God is merciful!  He knows what we have endured, what has been lost and He also knows what dreams He has for us and how to bring them to pass.  All we need to do is have the mindset that God is all powerful, all knowing and all loving.  We need to hold onto the hope and faith; knowing that when God is in charge, all things will work out for our good.

It truly doesn’t matter what we can see in the natural. (Hebrews 11:1)  It doesn’t matter what your bank account looks like or the economy.  It simply doesn’t matter.

When God is in charge…all things are possible!  (Luke 1:37)

Wake up every morning and thank God for His restoration.  Thank Him for restoring the lost years, opportunities, relationships, finances, love, promotions, health, dreams, sound mind, passions, strength, joy, peace, and everything else in between.

There are absolutely no limitations of what God can do.  Trust and believe!  Have faith God opens doors 2that God loves you so much that He will restore all things that were lost.  He is and forever will be, our Great Restorer.

Today, I believe and declare that God is breaking all strongholds and everything is being restored that belongs to each of you. Today is a New Day!  Believe in the unseen…build your Faith….Rise Up for God’s Favor is upon you!

Your future will be much greater than your past!  Praise God that your restoration is coming!

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