Every Day Blessings

Waking UpWhen you wake up in the morning, how do you look upon your day?  Are you stressed with all the things you need to accomplish or do you wake up and say THANK YOU LORD, I’m excited about what you have in store for me today?

How ever you see your day begin is the kind of day you will encounter.  If you start your day with thanksgiving, no matter what happens to you, you will be able to easily overcome the pressures and stresses.  But, if you begin your day thinking o’ man, here we go again…it dramatically effects your outcome.

See, when you can look back over the years and see God’s goodness and blessings, you can be positive that they will continue.  You will be able to know that all is well, no matter what you see in the natural. God works in mysterious ways and you never see His blessings coming towards you until they hit you over the head.  That’s His amazing grace upon you.  There is nothing you can do to earn His grace; it is a free gift from Him.  Once you accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, you received God’s forgiveness of sins, as well as, His free gift of Grace. (Ephesians 2:4-8)Today is a Gift

By your willingness to trust, listen, and surrender to Him; brings the blessings to you unexpectedly.  They are never early and never late.  They always seem to come at the very last minute which takes a lot of faith on your part; knowing that He will provide whatever it is you need, at the very moment you need it.

So, embrace and thank Him for His amazing grace that is bolting towards you.  Thank Him for helping you in those dark moments when you can’t see a way out.  And, thank Him for His blessings that will continue to run you down and over take you.

He is the Alpha and Omega. (Revelation 1:8)  Nothing is too hard or impossible for Him! (Luke 1:37)  For He created you exactly the way you are and knows every strand of hair on your head.  So, be positive and confident in all your ways.  There is no telling what God will bring if you start knowing that every day is a blessing for something amazing to happen!

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