Start 2022 Off Right

For all those who have been battling the forces, this word is for you. It doesn’t matter what satan and all his cronies have thrown at you, God’s got it covered. It doesn’t matter what you’ve lost, God’s got it covered.

He is calling all believers to raise up higher in 2022. You might have felt the tugging to eat better, go to bed earlier, pray for your enemies, put on a cigarette patch, get into His word more or listen to teachings more. Whatever God has been leading you to do, DO IT!!!!

There is no question God is moving, shaking and bringing His faithful higher. I would encourage each of you to listen the following series from Dr. JoLynne Whittaker. God had her complete a 12 days of Christmas series that blew my mind. Some of them had me in tears of joy, some had me in conviction and repent, some of them had me binding & loosing, some had me praying for my enemies; whatever the teachings guide you to do, Let God do it through you.

God has also called many to First Fruits for 2022 by Fasting & Praying for the next 21 days. It’s giving God the first of 2022 and allowing Him to set your path for the year. I would highly recommend you listen to Dr. JoLynne’s teaching “Put on Your Crown”. It will give you Biblical Insight and knowledge to put God First in 2022 and see what amazing things He has in store for you.

Whether you take this advice or not, go before the Lord and ask Him for His guidance. He will guide your path and help you be in alignment for His incredible 2022. The Acceptable Year of the Lord for His believers and the Vengeance of the Lord for evildoers.

The link to Dr. JoLynne’s powerful teachings is below. I highly recommend you start with Day 1 of 12 Days of Miracles and watch the entire series. Once you’ve completed the series, then listen to the most recent teachings called “Go In and Possess It”, God Is Igniting You in 2022″ and “Put on Your Crown”.

Don’t miss out! God has a mighty 2022 in store for you. He’s calling you…will you listen?

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