Perspective is Everything

What situation do you find yourself in right now? Is everything going well or is everything falling apart?

If you’re like most of us, life seems to be falling apart as we are in the battle for our lives. No matter where you look, it appears evil is winning. Right seems wrong and wrong seems right.

Wilderness seasons are as tough as they can get. It’s a season where sickness and disease are prevalent, we don’t have enough, we wonder if things will ever get better, people walk out of our lives, we can feel lonely and depressed or worse, we can feel so alone that we consider suicide. It’s moments like these you wonder what is your purpose in life and if people would miss you when you are gone. These types of seasons are filled with hurt, pain and lack. And if you let it, a lot of complaining.

It’s a crazy world we live in but have no fear. There are many benefits to our wilderness seasons and if we can change our perspective, it can change everything.

If you look in the Bible when John baptized Jesus, what was the very next thing that happened? The Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness. It was a place of nothing, a place of loneliness, a place of temptation and a place of hunger. (Matthew 4)

God wants us to lean on Him in good times and bad times. He wants us to invite Him into our lives to take our lack and multiply it to meet, not just our needs, but the needs of others too. Sometimes the only way for us to learn how to lean on Him for ALL things is by going through a very rough and dry spell. It’s during these times we seek Him above all else. We read the Bible more, we commune with God more, we ask questions, we seek His answers and we learn to not lean on our understanding or on our ways of doing things because no matter what we try, nothing works.

During these difficult times, God wants us to grow. He wants to test us, transform us, purify us, prove us and prepare us for great things. He wants to walk with us and teach us that He is with us no matter how good or bad the situations are in life. He wants us to depend on Him when fear is trying to get a hold of us. He wants us to look towards Him when we don’t see a way. He wants us to see Him as our provider, our restorer, our healer, our first love.

The wilderness is sometimes the best way for God to clean out the junk in our hearts. We may think we are in alignment with God, only to find out we are holding onto grudges, unforgiveness, pain and brokenness. This is when God can do amazing things. When we can humble ourselves in the midst of the battle to say “God I need you”.

When we are feeling lost, scared and alone that’s when God can bring out the best in us and prepare us for the road ahead. He wants us to always remember “give us this day our daily bread”. We need to change our perspectives and see God moving in the midst of our battles. He has a way when we don’t see one. He knows what we need and when we need it. Begin to rely on HIM for EVERYTHING and you will quickly become ready for your “promised land”.

Boast in your battle, your distress and your persecutions. (2 Cor. 12:9, Hebrews 11:34) Depend on God! You’re strong if you’re holding on. Don’t let go. God is transforming you into a mighty warrior in the midst of your battle. His resources are unlimited and dependable. Let Him do His mighty work in you so your are prepared for His incredible plan for your life.

Realize that temptations will also be in the “promised land”. It’s easy to get comfortable and feel secure when things are going great. It’s easy to forget that God provided the blessings and abundance. We need to be prepared for the greatness He has in store for us while still relying on Him even when everything is going well.

Remember…Faith, Dependence, Trust, being Humble, Provision, Healing and Protection is needed in the wilderness and in abundance. It takes courage and strength to embrace the difficult learning seasons; but God is calling you out and wants to hold your hand. Will you trust Him enough to let go, learn what you need to learn, let Him transform you and prepare you while depending on Him every step of the way? And will you remember Him and give Him the praise when everything turns into your favor?

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