A Unique Time Such As This

Baseball PitcherAs I was preparing for our weekly topic, God decided to throw a curve-ball at me.  As usual, I was planning on writing a completely different topic when God placed something else upon my heart.  This week, He wanted us to remember the very unique time we are living in and why it is so important for us to hold on tightly.

Currently, we just had a blood red moon and the US elections. By the way they are slow rolling the election counts, we can only imagine that those in power are trying everything they can to remain in power. Everyone can sense and feel there’s something amiss here.

It really made me stop to think about the Red Sea moment. It was during this time, the Israelites were filled with heavy hearts, disappointments, sadness, and doubt because as they looked at their situation, all hope seemed to be lost and the future was very uncertain.

BUT GOD was mightier than their enemies. He gave them an amazing miracle when He parted the Red Sea.

Similarly, we find ourselves in the same, unique predicament.  We have stood in faith.  Proclaimed His healing.  Believed in His word.  And nothing but adversity has come upon us.  The devil has been going out of his way to make us change course.  The devil knows that we are coming into God’s appointed time and he is trying to do everything in his power for it not to happen.  He wants you to get discouraged and give up.

I truly believe that the Spirit is getting ready for a major awakening, designed by God Himself.  The time has come for us believers to be overwhelmed with God’s goodness; thrusting us into our destinies.  We are not talking about a little trickle here.  God knows that it takes time, money, skills, opportunities, peace, health, and power to accomplish His calling.

Our God is not a God of just get by.  He is a God of more than enough.  There is absolutely no question that we are about to see God release the most amazing favor we have ever encountered.  He knows exactly what we need and how to accomplish it.  He wants us so blessed, that it makes people wonder what is going on; giving us the opportunity to use our incredible testimony to glorify God and His mighty power.


God is about to make all your dreams come true!

Baseball Victory

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