The Twinkling Star

The Hustle and Bustle

As Christmas comes closer with each passing day
Stop the shopping madness; see the season’s precious way
With all of its glitter and bright displays,
Just stop for a moment and let your heart show the way.

It’s easy to get stressed and begin to fray
Stop for a breather and remember His way
Rushing to and fro and all about
Stop for a moment to remember what it’s about.

It’s not about presents, trees or even mistletoe
It’s time to remember and forget all your woes
For in Matthew and Luke, it explains it all
The birth of our Lord the angels did call.

His name is Jesus and Emmanuel
Meaning God is with us so hear the beautiful bells
For our Lord was born on this amazing day
In a lowly ol’ manger and a very humble way.

For all to see the star was shining bright
So the wise men followed the incredible light
Filled with ecstatic joy and gifts to honor
For the Child was born for the Glory of the Father.

So, when you are spending time with your friends and family
Take a moment of pause from the intense vanity
For when you do, your heart will be overjoyed
For on this wonderful day, God gave us His Baby Boy!

Christmas 2014

Adapted from Overcoming Obstacles Vol. 2 – Refresh Your Soul by Phyliss Todd

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