Kicking the Habit

End of your ropeIf I asked everyone reading this message to raise their hand if they have ever tried to stop smoking, lose weight, or stop any other habit; how many of you would raise your hand? Now, how many of you would raise your hand if you tried everything possible to stop that habit, only to find yourself worse off than before?

My hand is still raised too. It’s only natural for us to try all the different products and programs on the market that is suppose to help us with kicking the habit. The only problem is that once we have tried everything and we have exhausted all of our efforts; we usually find ourselves going back to the very thing that we worked so hard to quit in the first place. Then we feel like a failure and we become so frustrated that we simply give up, thinking that it will never change.

But, I’m here to tell you there is one sure fire way to kick any habit that is creating havoc in your life and it will be the easiest thing you have ever done. Surrender!

“Are you so foolish and so senseless and so silly? Having begun [your new life spiritually] with the [Holy] Spirit, are you now reaching perfection [by dependence] on the flesh?” (Galatians 3:3)

What happens when YOU try to stop doing something on your own? You become focused on that issue. It becomes all about if I do this or if I do that. And before you know it, you’ve become consumed by the very thing you are trying to quit.

No matter what we try to do – no matter how strong your willpower – no matter how determined you are…things will not completely change unless you surrender it completely to God. Only your creator knows what is happening in your life. Only your creator knows if you have a thyroid problem, a vitamin deficiency, a health issue, or even a deeper pain that needs healing.

Without surrendering the habit to God, the Holy Spirit can not help or lead you to your specific solution. Nor would it be completely healed! Before we can enjoy any real victory, or experience any real change in our behavior, we must learn that only God can change us from the inside. Our focus needs to be on Him!

“Then does He Who supplies you with His marvelous [Holy] Spirit and works powerfully and miraculously among you do so on [the grounds of your doing] or because of your believing in and adhering to and trusting in and relying on Him?” (Galatians 3:5)

God restores health

So, what habit do you need to break? Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and help you overcome the habit. Get into the WORD and see what God says about your situation. Once you start focusing on HIM, that pesky ol’ habit will begin to fade and you may not even recognize that you’re being healed! That’s how AWESOME GOD is!

God wants you healed! He wants you successful! He wants you happy every moment of every day! Let Him take control and heal you from the inside out! You have a wonderful life ahead of you! Just keep your focus on Him and He promises to give you the best of the best! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Today is going to be a great day!

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