Hold On

Hold OnEvery where you turn, things are being shaken.  The world is changing so fast that most people are unable to keep up with the demands, technology, and family dynamics.  Heads spin trying to figure out which way to go, why things aren’t happening the way they envisioned, and when are things going to change.  All of us, who have been called for a specific purpose, find ourselves struggling.  Nothing seems to go right. Nothing seems to be happening.  You take a step forward and feel like ten steps back.  But, I’m here to shout with you…HOLD ON!

Many of us have been in the small beginnings stage; learning for the journey that lies ahead.  God has placed a purpose and dream into your heart. You’ve stepped out in faith, trusting in His guidance.  But, for some reason, it doesn’t appear to be working out.

What we need to realize is that every step taken is a setup, not a setback.  When we listen to God’s guidance and step forward, He is watching over every aspect of the purpose and will make sure it comes to pass.  No matter what we see or feel, God is the Author and Finisher of our destinies.  (Philippians 1:6) He is in charge of the how, why, who and when.

People around you might be mocking.  Friends and family members can be pushing you to go in a different direction.  However, if God has called you for a specific task…HOLD ON and DON’T LET GO!

  • Keep believing!Hold On 2
  • Keep trusting!
  • Keep pushing through the barriers!

For if you do, God promises that you will not be ashamed, humiliated, or disgraced (Isaiah 54:4).

You just might be one step, one encounter, or one moment away from your dreams coming true.  For when God’s perfect timing comes upon you and all the pieces of the puzzle come together, it will be more AMAZING than you ever expected! Job 8:7 says it this way…“And though your beginning was small, your latter days will be very great.”  So, whatever you do…HOLD ON!

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