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The world is changing in front of our eyes. People are being censored, shutdown, businesses are closing, people can’t gather for worship or gatherings, our way of life is being uprooted and the divisions between people are skyrocketing.

People are living in fear of the unknown. Uncertainty is draining their resources, energy and silencing the masses. Never have we endured so much as the elites are doing everything in their arsenals to maintain power over the people.

We, the body of Christ must rise up. We must be the voice that won’t be silenced. We are living in the most difficult yet exciting times of our lives. God is doing amazing things in the midst of the storms. Eyes are opening!

We are not voting by skin color or personality…We are voting BIBLE VALUES!

Donald J. Trump is PROLIFE and PRO ISREAL! We may not like or agree with everything he says or does, but this is a time where we must vote BIBLICAL because this is an unprecedented time we are living in and there is no other President that has ever had to endure the unstopping fiery darts that he is plagued with daily. That alone should make you stop and pause for a second.

As yourself these questions…Why are they bombarding Trump so fiercely? Why will the media censor stories discussing Biden and his family but not Trump or his family? Why are the democratic run cities allowing people to loot, burn down businesses or making police stand down?

What do you want your future to look like? Do you want to live in fear or do you want a city/country that backs our military, police officers and first responders. Choose this day who you will serve! Will you choose life and life more abundantly or choose fear, lockdowns and censorship?

It’s up to honest citizens like you—who love God and cherish this nation—to stand up and defend America before it’s too late!

The choice is yours America. Choose Bible Values! God bless!

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