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For all of those who have been through trials, difficulties, stagnation, health issues…God has a mighty word for you!

He has seen you struggle. He has seen your difficulties. He has seen your pain. He has also seen you remain standing on His word no matter what was happening in your life. Your NOW WORD is here!

Not everyone was chosen for the difficult times. You were hand picked by our Heavenly Father for a mighty purpose. Stand tall and know He is with you. Watch this amazing NOW WORD video from Prophetic Drive Time. He is an anointed man of God and brings the most incredible revelation filled with peace, joy and your move forward. Be Blessed and Watch Now!

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Have you ever found yourself facing many struggles all at once?  Has every door shut in your face and you just couldn’t understand why?  Do you ever feel like you are walking in God’s chosen path and everything seems to go wrong?

During those difficult times, I’m always reminded of two Biblical stories that really help put things back into perspective.

The Book of Job

Job was a man of God and very blessed.  He had a loving family, a home and many possessions.  However, Job had a great fear.  He feared for his sons and their sins against God.  This fear festered and was his ultimate demise.  It allowed Satan access into his life.  Job ended up losing everything; His livestock was stolen and destroyed, his servants and children were tragically killed, and everything was taken from him in a blink of an eye.  His closest friends came and tried to analyze why all of this happened and kept asking Job what he had done wrong.  Even, Job’s wife asked him to curse God and die.  Talk about pain and suffering.  Poor Job was all alone during his most trying times.

Yet, Job’s reaction to it all was to get on his knees and worship God.  When all was said and done, Job stood his ground and God rewarded him greatly.


Then, you have Joseph.  From a very young age, God had a real purpose for Joseph.  But Joseph’s brothers were jealous and hated him.  They wanted to be superior and in good favor of their father.  So, what did they do?  They sold Joseph into slavery and told their father that Joseph was killed.  Just imagine how Joseph must have felt through all that betrayal.  You know he must have asked, why?

Nonetheless, Joseph excelled during his hardships.  He was even thrown into jail for something he didn’t do.  But, even in jail, he excelled.  By Joseph keeping his eyes on God, Joseph became one of the greatest men alive.  He was placed in a very high position where God’s favor shined through him for all to see. (Genesis 37-50)

These amazing stories are a great testament of God’s ultimate best! They had to STAND STRONG and dig their heels in deeper; totally relying on the Lord, and God rewarded them for it.

I will be the first to tell you, it is sometimes easier said then done.  As I was being attacked from every angle possible and attempting to dig in deeper; things were spiraling out of control.  I knew I needed to call in reinforcements.  My PRAYER WARRIORS came to the rescue.  I desperately needed them to pray with me and since the Bible says, “when two or more agree, it will be done(Matthew 18:19); I knew everything would be alright.

We may not always understand God’s plan during the whole transitional period of difficulties.  But one thing is for certain…in His perfect timing, all will be revealed.  So, DON’T GIVE UP!


Bobby, Denise, and Grams…From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for your love, support and prayers when I needed them the most.  You are all amazing and are very special people who I’m blessed to have in my life.  May God prosper each of you beyond your wildest imagination, for your futures are BRIGHT!

If you need a prayer warrior, send me an email.  I will be happy to pray in agreement with you so God’s incredible plan for you shines through.  God Bless!