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Stand Together – National Prayer

Heavenly Father, you told us that when 2 or more agree you are in the midst. We come today in prayer for our Nation and elected officials that are standing for righteousness and justice for all Americans. For what happens in America effects the whole world. We pray for not only State and Federal officials but for all those making decisions. May all decisions be filled with God’s wisdom and discernment.

Please watch and pray with all the intercessors in the below video. Christopher McDonald of The McFiles does amazing work, bringing truth and God’s word to us all. This Faith Special is for all of us to come together in one voice under God, standing and praying together for our Great Nation. May God’s glory shine from sea to shining sea.

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Get The Word Out…SPEAK UP

This week I’m doing something a bit different because we are at a major intersection with this upcoming election and it’s our duty as citizens, Christians and pastors to speak up like never before. It’s critical for all of us Christians to know what is happening and why! This week, I’m including Pastor Jentezen Franklin’s recent video. He did an outstanding job explaining where America is currently and where we are heading as a nation with this upcoming November election.

For all of you who have tuned in around the world, I ask that you please pray for our Nation. We are all called to spread the gospel no matter where we find ourselves. By standing with us in prayer, we won’t just bring revival to America but to all of the world. For He who lives in us is greater than he who is in the world. One small act can have an everlasting result for all. We love you here at FromPureChaostoPerfectPeace.com and thank you for your continued support. It takes all of us together to make a difference.

Please take a moment to watch the video and spread the word.

Let’s face it…neither candidate on the ballot is perfect and has their flaws. We all do. However, one is significantly better than the other in regards to values, morality and religious freedom. In addition, they have chosen a running mate who stands firm on Biblical values and knows the importance of them. Our generation will determine the course of America and it simply doesn’t get any more critical than that!

We are still the majority and every single vote counts. Let’s all come together at this critical juncture and let God see that we as a nation would like to return to Him for all our needs. Let’s put God first above all else and see what His mighty hand can accomplish. It’s up to each one of us to pray for guidance, spread the word and “Vote the Bible” in November! Make sure to do your part!


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