No Matter What, God is There

God will supplyWhen you find yourself going through a crisis or a loss of some sort, how do you react?  Are you filled with pain and anger? Do you find yourself filled with stress and anxiety? Or do you find yourself wondering why God would allow this to happen to you?

From personal experience, my answer was all of the above and then some.  When I started to lose everything in the recession, I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs. I felt all alone.  The weight of the world upon my shoulders was far more than I could handle.

As I cried out to God, and quite frankly, in not so nice terms; I realized that He had been there all along. No matter how much I struggled, He gave me the strength I needed to get through the day. When I cried, He wrapped His arms around me. As I looked around me and saw nothing good happening, He was protecting me.  Throughout all the pain and suffering, He walked with me in the midst of it all.  It wasn’t until I went through all the intense feelings of loss that I started to see what I had been missing all along.

As I continued through the process of having to move, seeing my home and car repossessed, and feeling like a huge failure; I started to get a glimpse of what really mattered.  My friends surrounded me. My family opened their home to me. God called me into service.  It was through my darkest hours, God shined the brightest.

We may not understand the “WHY” of it all.  But, I can tell you from my intense journey, that God loves us very much.

FaithNo matter what you find yourself going through today, see the amazing goodness that comes from your darkest hour. It could be something as small as a hot cup of coffee, a hug, a helping hand, or being called into God’s service; there will be things that you can be grateful for.  Just imagine how grateful you will be when God starts restoring your life in a much bigger way.

God has an amazing life planned out for you and it will come to pass when you least expect it.  He is there in the midst of your storm and knows how to help you along the way.

Embrace His goodness.  Embrace His love.  Embrace His healing.  Embrace everything that He has for you.  Because it will be far greater than any loss you might be experiencing.  He loves you and your future is very bright!