Rationalizing It Out

Have you ever found yourself with numerous opportunities and had no clue which way to go?  They all seem like fantastic opportunities that you would love to try.  If you go one way, your life goes in one direction and if you go the other way, your life would head in a completely different direction.  What if both ways take you along the same path, but, the outcome is very different.  How do you decide?

We all find ourselves in these types of situations.  Everything looks wonderful and you’re excited, however, you have no idea what to do.  That’s when we start rationalizing things in our minds.  We think about what the opportunity is and how it fits into our lives.  We start to analyze to the point of pure frustration and confusion.

Whether you are deciding on a house to buy or a job opportunity; the rationale is the same.  When you start rationalizing things out, you can come up with millions of reasons why you should choose one way over the other.  You may be more excited about one decision and it might “feel” right.  However, it could be completely wrong for you, no matter how it “feels”. Don’t make decisions based on feelings.

This is when you need to stop, pause, and seek God’s guidance.  Unless you have peace deep within, it is not the direction you need to take.  God will make your path perfectly clear.  It may not be the exciting route you wanted to take, but, it will be filled with provision, love, and peace.

God Knows the Plan

God wants the best for you and He will guide you to it.  It doesn’t usually come with all the big frills and fireworks.  Instead, He will lead you step by step.  After the first step, more doors will open.  Every door that opens will become bigger and greater than the last.

So, seek God’s will for your life.  When you find that deep peace, while making a decision, then take a step forward in faith. God has an amazing and exciting future in store for you.  So, choose wisely and all of heaven will be cheering and rooting you on to something more amazing, more rewarding, and more incredible than ever before.