You’re Being Set Up

God's GloryDid you know that your crisis is a setup for God’s glory!

Think about it…When so many things are coming against you, when the pain and sorrow is so bad that you don’t care what you look like or what people say about you, when you feel utterly empty, sad, alone, unhappy, defeated and depressed…most people would write you off. People would say there’s no hope. People would say you are a failure.

It’s hard to keep doing what God called you to do in the midst of the crisis. It’s hard to stand on the promises of God when everything around you is in chaos. It’s hard to read the gospel when all you want to do is cry. It’s hard to keep praying when you have no idea what to pray for.

Your emptiness, loneliness, singleness, unhappiness, hurt, pain and sorrow is never wasted when it’s for the Glory of God. You might have tried doing everything and failed. You’ve cried till your eyes are puffy and failed. You’ve turned to your family and friends yet everything still fails.

REMEMBER…It only takes one small touch from God to reverse course.

Think about it this way…When everything is going wrong and you get to the point that unless God touches your life, you see absolutely no way out. At this point, who would you praise when things miraculously turnaround into your favor and breakthroughs start happening so rapidly that your head spins? GOD DOES!!!

Psalm 107:2 “Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy;”

He’ll turn your sorrow to happiness, your frown to a smile, sickness and disease to restored health, your poverty into more than enough to spare and share, your sour relationships to loving partnerships and your loss to much gain.

Not one stone will be left un-turned when God moves mightily in your life. We may not understand the squeeze. We may not understand why all the sour lemons are being thrown. But what we can know is that we serve a MIGHTY GOD who created the universe.

Jesus was squeezed in every area of life before He chose to go to the cross. His stress and pain was so great, His sweat was droplets of blood. It’s His blood that will prevail. It’s His sacrifice that is more than enough to give us victory. When Jesus’ squeeze was finished…the grave couldn’t hold Him. He prevailed and received the ultimate victory…sitting at the Right Hand of our Father.gods-glory

Don’t think for one moment that Jesus doesn’t know what you’re going through. He gave you the victory…grab hold and don’t let go when things start getting rough. The rougher the road, the more incredible your outcome will be. Rejoice in your squeezing because you are about to make the most incredible lemonade there is.

Let Him shine in your life today! For when He does, all those people who wrote you off will be looking at you in AWE seeing that your God is real and truly does exist! You’ll have the most amazing testimony to share with all those who might not have believed!

So…Get ready to praise loudly for He moves swiftly and mightily!

AND…the Glory will be ALL HIS!


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