The Right Motive

Today’s writing comes from a deep compassion for God’s people and to bring light in this dark world. Pastors preaching “give to get” on all the social platforms are putting God’s people in bondage and it has to stop.

There are alot of us who have been seeking God’s truth. We’ve gone through such hardships that we by into giving of our hard earned dollars because we need miracles. We need God’s help so we give to get something from Him. However what we are learning from today’s pastors is false. God is not a roulette machine. We don’t give to get a miracle. Jesus was and still is our miracle. He is the way, the truth and the light. He wants us whole, healed and restored. But not how pastor’s are teaching it.

Have you given till you become so broke that you need an even bigger miracle. Have your hopes been dashed when your miracle wasn’t received. Well you’ve come to the right place today. I’m sharing two amazing videos from Prophetic Drive Time. Both of these videos answered many questions I had asked God and they touched me so deeply that I was bawling like a baby in happy tears. It’s the truth, wisdom and understanding where God can and will bring about REAL CHANGE!

Need answers? Please watch, listen and may God touch you deeply with such amazing accuracy and truth that you will rethink what you’ve learned from today’s pulpits. The truth you know will set you free!

Giving with the Right Motive…

I pray that your eyes are opened today and I applaud you for seeking His truth. He will make a way when there aren’t any seen. May you continue to hold on and believe that through HIM all things are possible.

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