You Are Being Set Free

Have you been stuck? Have you done everything you could but got no where? Have you been in a life situation that felt like a prison? Then listen and believe in the GOOD NEWS!!!

You have an amazing destiny ordained by God. You have endured the hardships now it’s time to walk into your promised land! God is setting the captives FREE!

Are you ready for HIS GLORY to come upon your life? Watch this incredible word today! You are coming out of your wilderness and into the 7-fold return. Praise the Lord for HE IS GOOD and the days ahead of you are going to be amazing!


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When All Is Lost

Have you been battling the worst of the worst where everything you do turns sour? Have you’ve been striped of all things? There’s nothing left. Friends are gone. Family is scarce. You have noone to turn to and noone to call. But in the midst of all the pain, you have remained faithful. Holding on to God and hope by a shear thread that is raveling.

For all those that have been through the worst wilderness seasons of their lives, this word is for you!!! Please watch this incredible Word of Truth by Nate. It will encourage you knowing we are all in this together even though we feel totally lost and alone.

May this word fill you with hope; knowing you are coming into your VICTORY!!!

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When You’re Shipwrecked

Is your life spinning out of control? Are things, people or family members coming against you? Do you have absolutely no idea “why” you seem to be on the losing end of the stick? Then Glory to God you are in the right place at the right time today! I’ve got a very powerful, motivating & encouraging word for you today!

Watch this incredible inspiring word that will give you hope and strength to fight the good fight of faith and see things in a completely different way. It’s so powerful that I hope and pray you watch it over and over and over until you get this word deep within your soul. You will make it to the other side and see victory! God’s word guarantees it!

Why It’s Been So Difficult

What an amazing time we are living in. God is moving, shaking and changing lives. AND YOUR BEST IS HERE!!!

We have all been hit hard in life. Everything that should have happened, didn’t. People that should have had your back, left or talked bad about you. Your finances dried up; barely squeaking by. Family members went to heaven; even though you prayed and did everything you knew to do. It seems like the wilderness and dry places were more than most of us could bare.

But I have great news for you today! It was all a set up and you’re about to move into your promise land. Whooo, glory to God! Hallelujah!!!

God knows how hard it was for you. He knows the pain and struggles you faced. He saw you holding on by a thread, wondering why everything was happening to you. But you held on to Him against all the odds and now it’s time to move into your amazing destiny and future.

Listen to Brother Eli in the video below as he so wonderfully describes why this wilderness was so different from those in the past and what your moving into. You will be jumping for joy, dancing to the Lord and giving God all the glory. Looking forward to hearing all the incredible things God does in your life. God Bless!!!

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Praise Through The Pain

There is such a battle raging against God’s people right now. So many of you have been hurt, mistreated, things stolen and just not sure what is going on in your life. Everyone around you haven’t been tested or treated in the way you have. You’ve done everything you know to do but your prayers seem to be going unanswered. Whatever you do…DON’T GIVE UP and DON’T LET GO OF THE LORD!!!

We are in a crucial time and it’s imperative that you hold on. Look at Paul in the Bible (Acts 16:23-26). He was beaten, shackled and thrown into jail. But what did he do? He sang at the midnight hour. But why would he do that in the midst of his pain? Because he knew God was coming at the midnight hour with peace, love, provision, healing, freedom and restoration.

Below you will find a fantastic teaching on this very subject. May it give you new perspective through the midst of your pain. May it give you hope, joy and peace to know your victory is near. Don’t let go of God. Praise Him through the pain and see Him move mightily in your life. You victory is coming if you don’t give up in the 11th hour.

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Keep Pushing

God is doing some mighty things in the world right now. However those of us who love the Lord, there seems to be a mighty battle for our minds, body and soul. We feel stagnant, disconnected and lost. Fear is trying to grip us. Disease and pain is attacking our bodies. Friends and family are leaving us. Things just seem to be going no where fast.

But I have a great word for you today. Keep pushing through to the other side.

For all those who feel like they have been living in a “prison” of some sort, do not give up. Now is the time to hold your ground. Renew your mind every time fear tries to take hold. Renew your mind every time something goes haywire. Find a scripture that you can recite all day if you have to…just DO NOT GIVE UP! Hold on and press through.

I’ve personally dealt with many battles in every area of life lately that has really tried putting depression and fear upon me; and trying to read God’s word has even become a major battle. Not that I don’t want to read but I seem to have a block that is keeping me from reading God’s word. This shall pass. However in the mean time, I have searched for “word” nuggets to help me get through the day, to renew my mind and hold steadfast to God’s word. It’s a way to keep my eyes focused and fill my soul while battling in our earthly realm.

The good news is that if you find yourself in some major battles then you are doing something right. It means that your adversary is seeing God’s mighty hand upon your life and he is doing everything he can to stop it. The devil is a liar. Don’t give him the victory. Stay the course, keep believing and hold onto your faith at all costs.

Here are just a few of those “word” nuggets to help you stand and keep pushing through to the other side. Just as Esther did at this time, she prayed and went against all things in the natural to get to the other side. She didn’t feel God. She felt disconnected but was willing to go against everything in the natural to experience God’s supernatural. And boy did God come through to save His people.

We are His people. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior then you are a child of the Most High God. You are His beloved and YOU WILL BE AN OVERCOMER!

Enjoy the nuggets below and allow them to renew your mind. Stand your ground, hold on and you will see God’s mighty hand breakthrough into your life.



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The Right Motive

Today’s writing comes from a deep compassion for God’s people and to bring light in this dark world. Pastors preaching “give to get” on all the social platforms are putting God’s people in bondage and it has to stop.

There are alot of us who have been seeking God’s truth. We’ve gone through such hardships that we by into giving of our hard earned dollars because we need miracles. We need God’s help so we give to get something from Him. However what we are learning from today’s pastors is false. God is not a roulette machine. We don’t give to get a miracle. Jesus was and still is our miracle. He is the way, the truth and the light. He wants us whole, healed and restored. But not how pastor’s are teaching it.

Have you given till you become so broke that you need an even bigger miracle. Have your hopes been dashed when your miracle wasn’t received. Well you’ve come to the right place today. I’m sharing two amazing videos from Prophetic Drive Time. Both of these videos answered many questions I had asked God and they touched me so deeply that I was bawling like a baby in happy tears. It’s the truth, wisdom and understanding where God can and will bring about REAL CHANGE!

Need answers? Please watch, listen and may God touch you deeply with such amazing accuracy and truth that you will rethink what you’ve learned from today’s pulpits. The truth you know will set you free!

Giving with the Right Motive…

I pray that your eyes are opened today and I applaud you for seeking His truth. He will make a way when there aren’t any seen. May you continue to hold on and believe that through HIM all things are possible.

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