Really??? Say What!!!

Last week we spoke about What Jesus Did and how God’s anointing changes everything. We briefly touched on the subject of giving and how today’s society is using it for their own purposes. This week, I would like to expand on this topic in order to help those struggling in this area.

Let’s start with something that happened to me a short time back. I was following and listening to a very well know, TV preacher that has a daily/weekly broadcast. I believed in what he was teaching and truly gave from my heart as God led me.

One day I was really struggling to keep hope alive as everything was going frantic in life. I really felt the need to have prayer spoken over me so I called this big TV preacher’s church for prayer. I was connected to a “higher up” in the organization due to my “giving” status. Wow, I was thinking this is great, a more anointed person is going to say prayer over me. That’s awesome.

But then everything changed. When this person answered the phone, do you know what the first thing out of this person’s mouth was? No joke…it was “How much do you give?”. It wasn’t how can I help you, what do you need prayer over, or what are you encountering? No, it was “How much do you give?” I was flabbergasted. When I blurted out “why does that even matter?”, her reply was “it tells me how much you believe.” REALLY??? WHATTTTT!!!!

When I got off the phone I was in utter shock and dismay. In my mind, giving has absolutely nothing to do with prayer, healing or restoration. Jesus healed the blind, healed the lame, raised the dead, turned water to wine, healed diseases, turned 5 loaves and a few fish into food for thousands, He cast out demons and performed miracles. He was compassionate, sympathetic, caring and loving. He touched the down casts of society that the “religious” people of the day wouldn’t go near. Jesus didn’t go about asking people to give in order to receive His healing or blessings. He simply asked them to believe in Him and that He was willing to heal them.

Mark 1:40-42 “A man with leprosy came to him and begged him on his knees, “If you are willing, you can make me clean.” Jesus was indignant. He reached out his hand and touched the man. “I am willing,” he said. “Be clean!” Immediately the leprosy left him and he was cleansed.”

After I thought about the whole conversation, my heart ached for the sheer magnitude of people that received the same question as I did when they called for prayer. It completely turned me off from this pastor, his teachings and daily show. This was one of the closest people to the pastor. How many other hurting people have called only to be hurt further from this type of question or even worse, if they didn’t know Jesus, were they turned off altogether from seeking Him? It absolutely broke my heart!

When you need prayer, healing or restoration, IT DOESN’T MATTER your giving status. What God is interested in is how much you trust and believe in HIM! PERIOD!!!

Our popular preachers are doing a disservice to our generation. And when all they think about is your giving status then you can immediately conclude they are guided by greed and their million dollar mansions. God isn’t interested in how much you give. What He wants is for us to have open hands for when He tells us to give, to whom to give and how much. If we immediately obey Him, it shows that we are willing to trust and obey Him. That’s it guys, that’s what matters! Can God trust you to give when He guides you to? If so, then as you obey His guidance then He can trust you with more of His resources.

And for all those who have called these big mega churches for prayer and received the same type of questioning, I’m so sorry for your pain. Do not allow their actions to hinder your progress with our loving Heavenly Father. He loves and cares about you. The pharisees of our day will get their true rewards. Don’t let them take your rightful place in the kingdom just because of their greed. God loves you too much and I pray this writing opens your heart to the real Jesus and His way of giving. May His peace, love and joy embrace you in every area of life as you walk with Him, trusting and believing He has so much more for you than you could ever imagine! God Bless!

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