See God’s Mercy In It All

Oh this is a mighty word from Brother Eli. Everyone is playing politics but not seeing God’s mercy in it all. This isn’t about politics, this is about light vs darkness. They are truly trying to usher in the new world order, the darkness right now and we must see the real reasons why they hate President Trump so much.

Whether you voted Trump or not, see the truth in God’s mighty hand on what’s happening throughout America. Align with God and find your hope in God’s promises. No man could have withstood all that President Trump has had to deal with if God didn’t choose him. Again, this is not about politics…it’s about God giving us time to get ourselves and loved ones aligned with HIM!!!

Please don’t let the title of this word stop you. Listen and be filled with the mighty truth. It’s time for all Christians to open our eyes and ears to see the truth of what’s really happening and how we are vital to the outcome.

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