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See God’s Mercy In It All

Oh this is a mighty word from Brother Eli. Everyone is playing politics but not seeing God’s mercy in it all. This isn’t about politics, this is about light vs darkness. They are truly trying to usher in the new world order, the darkness right now and we must see the real reasons why they hate President Trump so much.

Whether you voted Trump or not, see the truth in God’s mighty hand on what’s happening throughout America. Align with God and find your hope in God’s promises. No man could have withstood all that President Trump has had to deal with if God didn’t choose him. Again, this is not about politics…it’s about God giving us time to get ourselves and loved ones aligned with HIM!!!

Please don’t let the title of this word stop you. Listen and be filled with the mighty truth. It’s time for all Christians to open our eyes and ears to see the truth of what’s really happening and how we are vital to the outcome.

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New Season

God is doing amazing things around the world at this very moment. We all need to rise and shine!

Inez Marrinan just released a new video that captivated the very essence of my recent writings. She is an incredible person with a heart for God. Our best days are ahead! Work with God and watch Him do some incredible things in your life.

This is a RIGHT NOW WORD! Don’t miss what God wants to do through you and your life. Please click link below to watch her perfectly timed video for the season we are in.  God Bless!

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Embrace The Silence

stuckHave you ever had times in your life where God seems to be silent or your life seems to be stagnant or in a holding pattern? We all go through times in our lives where there seems to be more closed doors then opened ones. So what do you do when those times seem to happen more often or seems to keep you in a stagnant position for a long period of time?

During difficult and stagnant times, it is a great idea to remember where God has brought you from and the things that He has done for you in the past. When you take time to contemplate and think on things He has delivered or protected you from, you will be keeping your mind stayed on Him. He is the one that will bring things to pass in His perfect timing. We may want things to happen right now but God sees the end from the beginning and just might be protecting you from something you’re not even aware of yet.

So when you find yourself in a transitional period in life, remember your past and the amazing ways God has already delivered you. Remain faithful to what God has called you to do. Whatever He started He will finish in your life. Continue to pray earnestly and feed your soul with His amazing promises. His word will not return void and nothing will hinder your progress. He will make a way when you don’t see one. He will provide abundance when your checkbook shows a negative balance. He will open the doors that you need to walk through. Just be patient on His timing and continue to praise His name because He is worthy to be praised.


Don’t give in to the negativity or stress of the moment. Continue to walk boldly to the throne room of God and He will make things happen in His perfect timing. Thank Him for His protection, provision, healing and being the one true God who knows exactly what you need and when. Hold on and let God be God. He loves you too much to leave you where you are currently and when you least expect, He will touch your life and it will be far greater than you could have ever imagined. Just don’t let go of Him, for He will make a way when you don’t see it! (Isaiah 43:19) 


Satan is a liar and has already been defeated. No matter how long it takes, God will see to it YOU WIN!


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Where’s the Money, Honey?

Have you noticed just how much the world revolves around money? Have you ever noticed that the more you think about money, the less you find yourself having in your pockets? Why is that?

Well, today, we are going to cover the whole MONEY issue; in a very plain and simple way.  So, let’s get started.

Like most Christians, we are taught to pray for our answers. We are taught seed, time and harvest. Now, don’t get me wrong…these are wonderful tools that God has given us and are discussed at great length throughout the Bible. We are definitely supposed to utilize these tools.

However, we tend to miss the most important lesson when we pray for financial abundance and breakthroughs. What most of us do when we pray is to tell God what we want and how to give it to us. So, when we don’t receive the exact answers we were looking for, we get discouraged and think God didn’t answer our prayers.

What we must realize is that money is not our answer. Yes, we have bills to pay or we have something in mind that we would like to buy. However, GOD KNOW WHAT’S BEST FOR US…WE DON’T!

The best way to describe it is that you can be a billionaire and have bad health. You can have all the money in the world and be depressed. You could have everything your heart desires and be full of anger, loneliness or sadness. Money can slip through your fingers so fast that it makes your head spin. Again, MONEY IS NOT THE ANSWER!  GOD IS!

What I’ve come to realize is that I don’t just want the money, Honey…I want the complete package (III John 2):

  • The wisdom and knowledge to use the funds properly.
  • The who, what, when and where to bless others.
  • How to invest correctly.
  • Happiness, Joy, Peace and everything in between.

See, God wants us whole; nothing missing and nothing broken. He doesn’t want us to just “get by“…He wants us to have “overflowing, pressed down and shaken together, more than enough”!

God wants to see you happy, healthy, prosperous, and filled with joy. Nothing would make Him happier than to see you loving life in every area.

So today, I ask you to let your requests be know to God. BUT…let God be God and provide you HIS way, in HIS timing, and in HIS supernatural perfection. For whatever HE BRINGS will have no pain or sorrow attached! Whatever HE BRINGS will be beyond anything you could have ever asked for, dreamed of, or even imagined.


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